My top 10 places to photograph in & around London
In no particular order........
1. Soho & China Town
What I like about Soho is it is full of narrow roads with interesting
places and people. It has a feel of the old London to it with its old
churches and dusty corners. China Town on the other hand, although small
is full of colours, interesting foods and a constant stream of comings
and goings!

2. Tower Hamlets Cemetary
For me this is one of London's hidden gems. A short walk from Mile End station and usually only occupied by a few dog walkers. Tower Hamlets is photogenic not just for its crumbling graves but also for its fungi and fauna. Whatever the weather I have enjoyed photographing here and it is about a half an hour walk to the pubs and restuarants surrounding Victoria Park to refuel afterwards!

3. Dungeness
If you haven't been to Dungeness as a photographer you really should. It's not the easiest place to get to as you will need to get a train followed by a long bus ride but the rewards are worth it! Dungeness is a great expanse of sand backed by a power station as covered in an assortment of ship wrecks, sheds and random pieces of machinery and if you manage to get further than me you will reach 2 lighthouses. full of unique photo opportunities it really is a must!

4. Kew Gardens
Kew gardens is big enough that it rarely feels over crowded. The wide array of plant life attracts numerous birds and squirrels which are often quite tame and happy to be photographed! Kew gardens is worth multiple visits as the scenes change considerabley with the seasons. The greenhouses also give you somewhere to photograph indoors when it is raining.
5. Borough Market
To get the full benifit of Borough Market you need to get there early. It fills up pretty quickly so to get the best shots you need to beat the crowds. One of the things that I love about Borough Market is that it is full of people taking photographs, none of the stall holders seem to mind and you can easily blend into the crowds to take your photos. To get the best light and thinner crowds stick to the edges where there is still plenty to see!
6. Shoreditch
The vast display of street art in Shoreditch makes the perfect backdrop for street photography. There are enough people that it doesn't take too long for someone interesting to come along and yet if you keep away from the markets it doesn't feel too crowded. Take a walk around and see what hidden gems you can find.
7. Ashridge Estate
I visited in April to photograph the bluebells and it was well worth the journey. There are several sites across the estate where the forest floors are covered in bluebells all with thier own personal qualities. Some sites are busy but at many we were the only people there. We did a lot of walking so worth bringing water and a packed lunch although there is a nice cafe where you can buy lunch or a cake.
8. Leicester Square
Some of the things that I enjoy about photographing at Leicester Square is that it is easy to get lost in the crowd. There is a large space to move around in to get your shot and small roads along the edges to lurk in waiting for your shot to appear!
9. Hastings
Hasting offers a wide variety of opportunities for photographers. The stone beach offers a pier and fishing boats while the town itself provides a range of interesting buildings and quirky backstreets. The Jerwood gallery is also worth a visit to get your creative juices flowing!
10. Silvertown & Victoria Docks
Silvertown and Victoria Docks for me is another hidden gem that I didn't even realise exisited till recently. At the docks you have the cable cars and great views across the East London skyline but don't forget to explore the side street of Silvertown for some wonderful derelict buildings and industrial sites.