Laura Brind Photography
My name is Laura Brind
​I am an exhibiting photographer, teacher and trained Gestalt therapist based in London.
I work with photography to capture the moments of life both big and small. I believe a good photograph tells a story while leaving space for personal interpretation.

If you would like to join one of my workshops visit:

You can follow me on Instagram at laurabrind101

Our Workshops

​I am cofounder of a photography group called 'life through a lens' through which we run mindfulness and Gestalt photography workshops in London.

Mindfulness Photography:
Mindfulness is a process by which we focus our attention fully on the present moment. When practiced regularly mindfulness has been shown to have many positive effects on the mind, body and soul. Mindful photograph allows us to reap the benefits of mindful practice while also channelling that intense focus through our photography.

Gestalt Photography:
Gestalt psychology is the study of perception, how we perceive the world and the relationships between different parts of the visual field. Through a better understanding of Gestalt photography you can develop your skills as a photographer both aesthetically and to deepen the stories you are able to tell.


Fleeting Photography Exhibition
In the summer of August 2017 I took part in the 'Fleeting Photography Exhibition' exploring the fleeting nature and serendipity of everyday life and the power of photography to capture ordinary and extrodinary moments.

Water Stories

April 7th 2018 will be the launch night for our second photography exhibition 'Water Stories' taking place at the Gate in Forest Gate, water stories will explore the beauty and wonder of water and our relationship with it.
Free tickets will be avaliable on Eventbrite shortly.